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Research and development groups:

  • CESMa: It aglutinates profesionals interested in matehmatical modelling of problems that require the development of advanced techniques in Statistics, Numerical Analysis, Optimization and afine areas.  It aims at establishing connections with scientific, industrial and service sectors.  It offers technical support to various dependencies in USB that may require our expertise in the decision making. CESMa has developed projects with a variety of different institutions in the public and private sector sucha as: Intevep, Maraven, IDEA, Fundación Polar, Fundacredesa and OCEI. It has established exchange and collaboration policies with national and foreign institutions and has participated in the national programs for support to research grups from FONACIT.
  • Mathematical Modelling and Simulation: The Mathematical Modeling and Simulation Group applies computational and mathematical modelling techniques in the solution to important problems in the natural sciences and industrial processes.
  • Environmental Risk.


Research Productivity: The department's research productivity is registered in the University's global database (SINAI) which can be consulted in the following link.

Publications: The Scientific Computation and Statistics Department actively impulses the electronic scientific journal Bulletin of Computational Applied Mathematics (CompAMa).  The journal gives full access to all papers and articles are peer reviewed following the highest international standards.